May 13, 2009

SHIBUYA 109 Guide

When you visit Shibuya109, please pick up Shibiya 109 floor guide at first. It has English and Chinease versions.
As there are so many shops in Shibuya109 which are more than 100 shops. I may be at loss without it. This guide is very populor for overseas visitors to 109, they
bright it back as small gift.

Bellow is actual quote of Shibuya 109 Guide

The so-called‘FLOOR GUIDE’is surely regarded as an essential item for sensible shoppers who shop with style. When you shop at SHIBUYA109, it is virtually impossible to visit all the stores in one day as there are over 100 stores in the whole building. While it is a blessing to be surrounded by a wide variety of apparel, on the other hand, it might take you some time to figure out where to start. There are surely times when you feel frustrated by all this.
The SHIBUYA109 FLOOR GUIDE is high in popularity amongst our overseas friends. There is one anonymous‘SHIBUYA109 FAN’who has taken the effort to scan a copy of the FLOOR GUIDE and uploaded the data onto his personal homepage. He states, “Like Disneyland, SHIBUYA109 is an enjoyable fun-park. Thus I would recommend that you pick-up a copy of the ENGLISH FLOOR GUIDE to make your shopping experience even more worth while!”