Jun 25, 2009

RESIDENT EVIL 5 BSAA Tactical T-shirt

RESIDENT EVIL 5 BSAA Tactical T-shirt Here we will have very cool items for Resident Evil Funs. This item will be released from Military shop in Japan, called Phantom.
Reproduction of BSAA Tactical T-shirt worn by Cris Redfield in Resident Evil 5 game. This T-shirt really copied up to its very details. This BSAA T-shirt uses 3 different materials to improve its functionality of moisture wicking, breathability and comfort. Main body part uses 100% cotton for comfort, shoulder and underarm has mesh fabric for breathability. Moisture wicking elastic fabric "Drytecter", used in sleeve and neck line enables easy movement.Now you should not miss the chance to be like the charactor of Resident Evil !
The item will be available in August in my Bonanzle booth.

Jun 24, 2009

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model now on sale

Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model, Limited from resident evil / biohazard is now on sales in my auction booth. Please visit and take a look. This is limited items, not sold in the market any longer. I will introduce some of my limited items which is now on sale.

Please visit bellow booth

Jun 21, 2009

Samurai Edge Wesker Model / Resident Evil

Here again customs airsoft of Samurai Edge Wesker Model which is listed in Yahoo auction in Japan. This model was customized from origianl samurai edge Jill model.
Stainless frame, ZEKE is used. Samurai Edge, Tokyo Marui was sold around usd 180.
But it was old out right now. Tokyo Marui, 1/1 scal, airsoft gun. Capcom Biohazard, Resident Evil.

Japan Media Collection
FBI Badge
CIA Badge
Samurai Edge