Jul 17, 2009

Chris Redfield BSAA Tactical T-shirt on eBay

Here we will have very cool items for Resident Evil Funs. BSAA Tactical T-Shirt coped form Capcom x Sony PS3 game , Reident Evil (Biohazard) 5. Now available on eBay site. Bellow. lease check out.residet evil tshirts

Jul 13, 2009

DE50AE LEON CUSTOM 10 inch / Resident Evil 2 Now on Sale

DE50AE LEON CUSTOM 10 inch / Resident Evil Biohazard 2 is now on sales in bonanzle auction site bellow. This is limited edition of Desert Egle 10 inch 1989 from Tokyo Marui x Capcom official model. This airsoft has long barrel of 10inch. The item includes specail red card key which was only got for the winner of the drawing.
DE50AE Limited+Special Redcard
Residet Evil is Capcom's Play Station video game form Sony. This airsoft is copy of the gun actually used in the game.

Jul 10, 2009

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model / Bonanzle

This is used item of Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model. Although there are a few dents on the alminum case for samurai edge. Airsoft itselt is mint condition. Outer paper package is lacking. But the price US$339 is very reasonable. Sicne this is sold out. It is quite rare even in Japanese auction. This is available at bonanzle auction site. Shipping to worldwide via air EMS service. To USA, approx 4-5 days, To Europe aprox 6-7 days. You need to check your customs regulations if the item is OK for import customs clearance. Please check bellow. bonanzel_booth

Jul 2, 2009

Samurai Edge Chris Refield Model - Resident Evil3 now on sale

Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Chris Redfield Model, Limited from resident evil3 / biohazard3 is now on sales in my auction booth. Please visit and take a look. This is limited items, not sold in the market any longer. I will introduce some of my limited items which is now on sale.

Tokyo Marui Airsoft gun Resident Evil / biohazard by Capcom Play Station / Xbox video game Charactor S.T.A.R.S Chris Redfiled

Please visit bellow booth