Oct 21, 2009

Albert Wesker Model / Samurai Edge Customs Now on Sales

This is cutoms model of Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Standard Model. The item was perfect for your collection or cosplay of Residet Evil fans. This is used item. The safty pin/spring is missing. So safty lock dose not work. But no problem on shooting airsoft itself. There are some minor scrach but mint condiotn. This is availabel at bellow bonanzle auction site. Albert_Wesker_Samurai_Edge

Japan Media Collection
FBI Badge
CIA Badge
Samurai Edge

Oct 20, 2009

Macross VF-1 VALKYRIE Official Flight Jacket Now on Sales

Macross VF-1 VALKYRIE Official Flight Jacket This is official jacket porduced by Masaharu Kawamori, the derector of Macross.The jacket is three seasons use.
Please see bellow url for details. ebay