Dec 30, 2009

Resident Evil (Biohazard) LEON'S BOMBER JACKET

Resident Evil 5 BSAA Tactical T-shirt Chris Redfield


Reproduction of Bomber Jacket worn by Leon L-Size NEW shipping charge included
This is Bland New Shipping Charges to USA, Asia and Europe included. (EMS Air service)
Reproduction of Bomber Jacket worn by Leon in the Resident Evil 4 (Biohazard 4) game. Overall design is exactly same as the one in the game. Synthetic leather with Faux Shearling-Lined. Synthetic leather allows better durability than genuine leather and it is
water resistant finish. Come with Dark Brown color only.

Full shoulders 19" 19.9" 20.6"
Body 20.8" 21.6" 22.4"
Sleeves length 25" 25.7" 26.5"
Length 25" 25.7" 27.3"


Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model

Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model, Limited from resident evil / biohazard is now on sales in my auction booth. Please visit and take a look. This is limited items, not sold in the market any longer. I will introduce some of my limited items which is now on sale.

Please visit bellow booth

Oct 21, 2009

Albert Wesker Model / Samurai Edge Customs Now on Sales

This is cutoms model of Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Standard Model. The item was perfect for your collection or cosplay of Residet Evil fans. This is used item. The safty pin/spring is missing. So safty lock dose not work. But no problem on shooting airsoft itself. There are some minor scrach but mint condiotn. This is availabel at bellow bonanzle auction site. Albert_Wesker_Samurai_Edge

Japan Media Collection
FBI Badge
CIA Badge
Samurai Edge

Oct 20, 2009

Macross VF-1 VALKYRIE Official Flight Jacket Now on Sales

Macross VF-1 VALKYRIE Official Flight Jacket This is official jacket porduced by Masaharu Kawamori, the derector of Macross.The jacket is three seasons use.
Please see bellow url for details. ebay

Aug 21, 2009

Samurai Edge Jill Valentine Model - Now available!!

Samurai Edge Jill VAlentine Model which is come from Tokyo Marui x Capcom, Resident Evil 3 Last Escape. 1/1 scal. Air Soft Gun, Gas Blowback type. This is limited edition of Samurai Edge in Year 2000. Sold out in the market/. But now available in Bonanzle Booth bellow. Pls check out.

Aug 18, 2009

ITHACA M37 Police Shutgun , Residet Evil 5

This is KTW ITHACA Model 37 which is used in Residet Evil 5. Police Shutgun.
Now available at my Bonanzle Booth. This is products from KTW. Please check bellow url for details. IthacaM37

Samurai Edge Chris Refield Model - Resident Evil3 in Bonanzle booth

Thre are several types of Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge. 1) Standard Model, 2) Jill Valentine Model 3) Burry Burton Model and 4) Chris Redfield Model. All models are now sold out in the market. Chris Model is very rare, it seldom see it even in auctions in Japan. This airsoft gun is well made by collaboration between Tokyo Marui and Capcm. Pls check my Bonanzle booth , Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Chris Redfile Model is now on sales.


Aug 3, 2009

Resident Evil 4 AGENT ASSAULT LEG BAG Now on Sale

This is Holster shape Leg Bag worn by Leon from Resident Evil (biohazard) Capcom PS game.This is collaboration items bw Capcom and Fanthom. This is very rare. Do not miss this chance. SIZE:36.8"×9.8"×2.3" NOw available bellow bonanzle booth.assult_leg_bag

Jul 17, 2009

Chris Redfield BSAA Tactical T-shirt on eBay

Here we will have very cool items for Resident Evil Funs. BSAA Tactical T-Shirt coped form Capcom x Sony PS3 game , Reident Evil (Biohazard) 5. Now available on eBay site. Bellow. lease check out.residet evil tshirts

Jul 13, 2009

DE50AE LEON CUSTOM 10 inch / Resident Evil 2 Now on Sale

DE50AE LEON CUSTOM 10 inch / Resident Evil Biohazard 2 is now on sales in bonanzle auction site bellow. This is limited edition of Desert Egle 10 inch 1989 from Tokyo Marui x Capcom official model. This airsoft has long barrel of 10inch. The item includes specail red card key which was only got for the winner of the drawing.
DE50AE Limited+Special Redcard
Residet Evil is Capcom's Play Station video game form Sony. This airsoft is copy of the gun actually used in the game.

Jul 10, 2009

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model / Bonanzle

This is used item of Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model. Although there are a few dents on the alminum case for samurai edge. Airsoft itselt is mint condition. Outer paper package is lacking. But the price US$339 is very reasonable. Sicne this is sold out. It is quite rare even in Japanese auction. This is available at bonanzle auction site. Shipping to worldwide via air EMS service. To USA, approx 4-5 days, To Europe aprox 6-7 days. You need to check your customs regulations if the item is OK for import customs clearance. Please check bellow. bonanzel_booth

Jul 2, 2009

Samurai Edge Chris Refield Model - Resident Evil3 now on sale

Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Chris Redfield Model, Limited from resident evil3 / biohazard3 is now on sales in my auction booth. Please visit and take a look. This is limited items, not sold in the market any longer. I will introduce some of my limited items which is now on sale.

Tokyo Marui Airsoft gun Resident Evil / biohazard by Capcom Play Station / Xbox video game Charactor S.T.A.R.S Chris Redfiled

Please visit bellow booth

Jun 25, 2009

RESIDENT EVIL 5 BSAA Tactical T-shirt

RESIDENT EVIL 5 BSAA Tactical T-shirt Here we will have very cool items for Resident Evil Funs. This item will be released from Military shop in Japan, called Phantom.
Reproduction of BSAA Tactical T-shirt worn by Cris Redfield in Resident Evil 5 game. This T-shirt really copied up to its very details. This BSAA T-shirt uses 3 different materials to improve its functionality of moisture wicking, breathability and comfort. Main body part uses 100% cotton for comfort, shoulder and underarm has mesh fabric for breathability. Moisture wicking elastic fabric "Drytecter", used in sleeve and neck line enables easy movement.Now you should not miss the chance to be like the charactor of Resident Evil !
The item will be available in August in my Bonanzle booth.

Jun 24, 2009

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model now on sale

Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model, Limited from resident evil / biohazard is now on sales in my auction booth. Please visit and take a look. This is limited items, not sold in the market any longer. I will introduce some of my limited items which is now on sale.

Please visit bellow booth

Jun 21, 2009

Samurai Edge Wesker Model / Resident Evil

Here again customs airsoft of Samurai Edge Wesker Model which is listed in Yahoo auction in Japan. This model was customized from origianl samurai edge Jill model.
Stainless frame, ZEKE is used. Samurai Edge, Tokyo Marui was sold around usd 180.
But it was old out right now. Tokyo Marui, 1/1 scal, airsoft gun. Capcom Biohazard, Resident Evil.

Japan Media Collection
FBI Badge
CIA Badge
Samurai Edge

May 24, 2009

Replica Model Prop.

You may dream to get the weapon which is used in movie film and animation. You want the gun of Resident Evil or Devil May Cry.
You like to be a hero like Vash the Stampede with Vash's Gun or Alucard with Jackal from Hellsing.Replica Models are very popular. There are several types who own replica model prop, character guns. One is for cosplay purpose.
Cosplayers do not care its functions but how it look like ? Second is survival game users who use those air soft guns and gas guns in real survival game. They are very much concerned about its function. The last type is for collection purpose.
They get them in the packages and rarely open them. Collectors need to get them at several auction sites. If you search it in Yahoo Japan Auction, you may find a lot of air soft guns related to resident evil (Biohazard in Japan). At eBay, air soft collection is limited, as eBay policy air soft listing is restricted only from USA. So sellers from outside USA are not able to sell those air soft guns even if there isno problem on customs. But there are lots of replica model related to films, TV and anime are available.

Please find bellow links

Samurai Edge
Desert Eagle
Umbrella Magnum
Ebony and Ivory

Samurai Edge Rebbeca Model Resident Evil 0

This is customs model or Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Standard Model. By building under mount by GK factroy, this is easy customs for Samurai Edge. I found this in airsoft customs gun shop in Japan. You can do it by youself if you find this parts. The samurai edge stardard is Tokyo Marui M92F basis. There are several limited model of Samurai Edge from Tokyo Marui air soft guns.

Burry Burtons Model
Jill Valentine Model
Chris Redfield Model

I have aready introduced some of samurai edge on this site.










カーゴナビでフォワーダーのランキングをやっていました。位置はジオロジ、2位はインターナショナルエクスプレスとエクスペダイターでした。パナルピナやキューネアンドナーゲル、そしてクラスカンなどの外資系フォワーダーもありました。しかしベストなフォワーダーとはどのようなものなのでしょうか? それは各顧客にニーズによりベストとされるフォワーダーも変わってくると思われます。 値段も外資系フォワーダーが日系に物流会社より安いとはかぎりません。日系の物流会社の中には地域限定でとても安い運賃をだせる航路があります。しかし一般的には日本の会社は外資系よりは高いというのが一般的です。 サービスは日系がいいというのも一概に言えません。フォワーディングの業務は現地のサービスと日本側のサービスとをあわせたものです。日本のフォワーダーの相手国のエージェントが自社ではない場合、サービスにバラツキが出てくることがあります。イランから輸入するとしてたとえばA社のイランの海外エージェントがA社自社の事務所ではなく、イランの会社と業務提携をむすんでサービスを行っているという場合です。このような場合は情報がうまく伝わってなかったりしてサービスが良くないケースがあります。




May 17, 2009


いって日系のフォワーダーと違いはそうありません。しかしどうしても語学力は必要になります。 英語が不得意であればかなり苦労す
要求する英語力はおそれほど高くはないでしょう。 業務でメールを英語で書くことができる。会話では自分の意思を相手になんとか
英語力が必要な場合もあります。 海外出張もある部署ではやはりスムーズな会話力が必要でしょう。海外から多くのビジターも相手できる


ことがあります。 まづフォワーダーだけではありませんが、外資はもし業績が悪くなるといつ撤退してしまうかわからない点です。
をカットし人員整理の対象となってしまう可能性があります。 それにより転職を余儀なくされた人も多くいるでしょう。





English School in Japan

There is a lot of Private English Conversation Scholl in Japan. NOVA was the biggest school in Japan. Now It was bankrupted due to poor management. Still there is several English School. Most of them employ so called Native English Speakers such as American, British and Australian. However when I went to English School, my teacher was French. I was a bit surprised to hear it and a bit puzzled at his different accent.
School fee is very expensive but salary of those English teachers are paid as part time worker.
If you become full time, your salary will increase. But at the same time, you are required to do some other jobs such as managing other English teacher. There are some English School who has Japanese. but Japanese teach different part such as Grammar and reading.

Ranking of English Conversation School

1) ECC
5) Berliz

Above are big English Conversation School which teach not only English but also other foreign language
such as French, German and Chinese.
English teacher will be evaluated not only its skill of teaching but popularity among the students.
But most of the school, private contact with students is prohibited. If you date with student, you will
be fired.
From student points of veiw, you can not master Englsih just because you are laerned form Naitive Englsih
Teacher. The issue is how long you can study by yourselft. But if you find good school and get high motivation
on Englsih Stdy, it is quite effective for your Englsih Learning.

Enoby & Ivory , Dante's Gun form Devil May Cry

If you are looking for cosplay items of Dante form Devil May Cry, you should find
ebony and ivory, Dante's Guns. They are so powerful and cool in the vedeo game.
If you like to be THE DANTE, then ebony and ivory is the MUST items.
These are very cool items for all cosplayers but also for all funs of DMC.
Now I would like to introduce 2 kinds of ebony and ivory which are available on sales.

NO. 1 Posedion (Dainihon Giken) garage kits.

This is Ivory customs airsoft which are originated in Playstation Game, Devil May Cry. This is one of Ebony & Ivory.
We have ebony and ivory from Dainihon Geiken (Poseidon) garage kits for Devil May Cry These are non working and display model.
You need to build and paint for them. These are authorized model by Copcom. But not accepted to sales overeas.
This means , offical garate kits are sold only in Japan.

No. 2 Tokyo Marui Customs Airsoft Gun

This customs airsoft of Devil May Cry, evony & ivory are different. Based on Tokyo Marui airsoft,
made customs by stainless. The size is a bit biggerthan original setting of Dante's Gun in Devil May Cry.
Thase are gasblowback system of airsoft gun. so you can shoot BB bullets. These are sold at Yahoo auciton time to time.
So if you are lucky, you may get this customs airsoft which you can use you survival game.
The problem is its price so high. it costs more than 1000 usd for each. This means if you have both ebony and ivory,
it costs approx. 2000 usd. It is a bit too much for cosplayers of Devil May Cry. But if you are deep fun
of DMC, it may be worthwhile.

There are other items of Devil May Cry cosplay items such as wig of Dante, Dante coats and Nero's sword. But no other
items better than ebony and ivory.

Devil May Cry is Capcom's vedeo game soft for Play Station / Xbox. Now Devil May Cry 5 will be expected to released from

May 14, 2009

Airsoft Gun Customs Regulation

If you want to get airsoft gun from Japan, you need to check your customs house if they will accept airsfot gun from overseas. Japan has its own regulation on airsoft guns. But it differ from country to country. For example, US customs dose not accept any airsoft gun which do not have orange tip and orange marking on muzzle.
There are some regulations on airsoft import in UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

If the item is sent as gift with low value, not to mention airsoft, you may get it without any trouble at Customs in your country. But it means that you have just luck.
My friend did not know details of the airsoft regulation in overseas cuntries in the past and had sent out several items without problems. But now he always asks buyers if any problems in destnation customs house and regulations or so on.

I know one web site who are selling airsofts all over the world and saying no problems even to USA. But I am not sure how they can send or they are just lucky…..

When you buy items on internet, web shop, you better to ask toy shop owner how they are going to ship. Airmail, EMS, UPS, Fedex ?

May 13, 2009



日本「樓層指南」對於想要血拼的顧客來説是必要的寶藏圖吧 !特別是想要在擁有100家商店以上的 SHIBUYA109血拼的話,毫無線索的花上一天東看看西看看可是非常辛苦的呦。被五顏六色的流行商品和各式各樣的可愛洋裝所包圍著的妳,雖然有很幸福的感覺,但另一方面想必也有著不知從哪裡開始逛起的焦慮吧。一直找不到想去的店而感到洩氣的經驗也發生在妳身上過吧!
即使在外國 SHIBUYA109樓層指南也有非常高的評價,掃描過後,上傳到網頁做宣傳的超級「SHIBUYA109 Fan」也大有人在!有人説,「SHIBUYA109就好像是狄斯耐樂園中各式各樣的主題樂園,所以來到SHIBUYA109 時,
強烈推薦大家一邊看 ENGLISH FLOOR GUIDE 一邊血拼!」日本

SHIBUYA 109 Guide

When you visit Shibuya109, please pick up Shibiya 109 floor guide at first. It has English and Chinease versions.
As there are so many shops in Shibuya109 which are more than 100 shops. I may be at loss without it. This guide is very populor for overseas visitors to 109, they
bright it back as small gift.

Bellow is actual quote of Shibuya 109 Guide

The so-called‘FLOOR GUIDE’is surely regarded as an essential item for sensible shoppers who shop with style. When you shop at SHIBUYA109, it is virtually impossible to visit all the stores in one day as there are over 100 stores in the whole building. While it is a blessing to be surrounded by a wide variety of apparel, on the other hand, it might take you some time to figure out where to start. There are surely times when you feel frustrated by all this.
The SHIBUYA109 FLOOR GUIDE is high in popularity amongst our overseas friends. There is one anonymous‘SHIBUYA109 FAN’who has taken the effort to scan a copy of the FLOOR GUIDE and uploaded the data onto his personal homepage. He states, “Like Disneyland, SHIBUYA109 is an enjoyable fun-park. Thus I would recommend that you pick-up a copy of the ENGLISH FLOOR GUIDE to make your shopping experience even more worth while!”

ブランジュリ タケウチ パン屋さん

大阪、靱(うつぼ)公園近くの、大阪で大人気のパン屋さんの前ブランジュリ タケウチ を通りました。たくさんの人がならんでいました。口コミでもこのブランジュリ タケウチさんは広まって、ネットなどでも多く取り上げられてます。このパン屋さんはいつも混んでいて警備員さんがいつも整理にあっています。すごいパン屋ですね、Boulangerie Takeuchi ! ベーカリーの部とカフェの部の両方があるようです。 場所も靱公園の前でほんと静かで良いところですよ。

Boulangerie Takeuchi is very popular Bakery in Osaka. There are a lots of people lined up to buy good taste bakery.
When you go to Osaka, Japan, please try to eat this bakery.

COS-DAY Cosplay Event in Tokyo

COS-DAY will be held in Tokyo Big Sight, which is cosplay event in Tokyo. Next cosplay event will be expected in June 21 (Sunday)
Entrace Fee of the cosplay event is Yen 900. Cosplay attendance is Yen 500. The picture will be taken for your cosplay
Yen 500.This is cosplay for all category, such as anime, comics, video game, Japan animation, and US films.
Tokyo Big Sight is one of the largest Event Hall in Tokyo. You know Comic Festival is most exciting festival for anime OTAKU
in Japan.

Tokyo Big Sight
June Cosplay Special 2009

COS-DAY in 東京ビックサイトの案内です。6月にも東京ビッグサイトでコスプレイベントがあります。全国のコスプレイヤー集まれ!東京ビッグサイトと言えばコミケ?で有名ですよね。アニメオタクの聖地ですね。

Cosplayers in Osaka

WTC Sunday Cosplay events
There are several places for csplayers in Osaka. I introduce WTC Cosmotower which is located near Osaka Bay.
WTC (World Trade Center Building) is landmark of Osaka bay area. The top of the tower is 55th. But most exciting place is its entrance area.
Cospayers from Kansai area joint the event of Csoplay.
Weekday, this is business area. But when it is weekend, it becomes Cosplayers places in Osaka. Anime, Game and movie, all category of cosplay
are available.
Bellow are some of cosplay events in WTC Cosmotower, Osaka.
Please go to WTC Cosmotower, Osaka bay every Sunday so that you can see a lot of cosplayes around there.

And here is one more cospre event in Osaka

Cosplay Festival in Nipponbashi 2009
Cosplay Festa in Nipponbashi, Osaka Denden town was held in Mar 2009. Denden Town is electronics town in Osaka. Recently
there are a lot of anime related shops, such as Anime figures, comics, Hentai Doujishishi, trading cards and etc.
So Now Nipponbashi is OTAKU town. Cosplayers also like this Nipponbashi, Osaka as they are some cosplay shops for Osaka
cosplyers. Nipponashi is also famous for maid cafe which is one of professional cosplayers in Japan

May 9, 2009

Ebony & Ivory Garage Kit Listed on eBay DMC

Ebony & Ivory Garage Kits from Devil May Cry Dante's gun have been listed on eBay auciton. Check this out. As this is very rate items most sold out in the market.
Dante's guns are non working / cosplay model. Thease are made by resin.
You need to paint and finish by yourself.

May 8, 2009

Pokemon Game Gold/Silver Revived by DS

任天堂RPGシリーズの第2弾として1999年に発売されたゲームボーイ(GB)用ソフト『ポケットモンスター 金・銀』がニンテンドーDS向けにリメイクされ、

Nintendo Gameboy (GB) soft, Pokemon Gold / Silver will be brought back for DS soft. New title of Pokemon Gold/Silver will be Pokemon Heart Gold and Seoul Silver. They will be released on this autumn 20 Original Pokemon Game was one the big hit for Nintendo game soft which was sold 23,000,000 games all over the world. This will be really exciting new for Pokemon game fun as this is original RPG game soft of this series.New Pokemon Heart Gold / Seoul Silver will be DSi RPG soft.

GET Japan Citizenship  

私の周りに何人かの知人が日本国籍を取得(帰化)しました。 以前よりかは若干日本国籍を取る基準は低くなっているのでしょうか? ひとりは一番簡単?な国際結婚のパターンでした。
日本国籍をとりました。日本には約7年住んでいました。 国際結婚ならいざしらず、シングルで日本国籍をとるには身元を保証する人がいるかとか、いろいろと問題が
あるようです。 よく卓球の選手が日本国籍を取って日本人として国際試合にでるケースも見受けられます。 でも日本名に変えないといけない等障害もありますね。

There are a couple of cases who get Japanese Citizenship around me. Are there still high criteria to be Japanese? One case is most easy case,
International Marriage. Her husband had worked Japanese firm and was sent to Shanghais Office and met with her in China. They had marriage and she got
citizenship in Japan. The other case is that a Chinese woman who had come to Japan for study and employed by Japanese firm. She changed her job to
Germany company in Japan and got Japanese Nationality. The Japanese Government provides several temporary and permanent migration options
for those who are seeking for life in Japan. There are several visas having own qualifying criteria and application requirements.
So it is still difficult to get citizenship in Japan for single working people. I know some table tennis players who get Japanese Nationality and
play in international events as Japanese. The need to change to Japanese Name is one of the obstacle.

Meet with Maiko and Geisha Girls


Kyoto is the place where you can meet with Maiko or Geisha girls in Japan. When you visit GION, Kyoto, you can see Maiko and Geisha girls are walking on Gion street.
But if you like to talk and play with them, it is different story. Most of the Ochaya is for regular customers, but recently there are some Tour of Geisha play in Kyoto for foreign visitors. You can experience and enjoy playing
with Geisha girls as one day tour conducted by Japanese Tourist Company. There are also trial tour to be a Geisha / Maiko. You can make up and dress up Kimono for Geisha girl and taken photo. It is very attractive
tour for overseas tourists who want to know culture in Japan.

Backpackers Hotel in Japan

多くのネットカフェは梅田やなんばに集中しています。その中でもインターネット&コミックカフェ Media Cafe POPEYE 24は大きなチェーン店です。

When backpackers try to find accommodation in Osaka with very cheap price, you may think of Youth Hostel or Hotel in Nishinari which costs only 2000Yen without bath room. There are some backpackers who stay
in Internet Cafe or Video Room as they have shower room and reclining sofa.Internet Cafes are available all over Japan. In Osaka, most of them are concentrated in Umeda and Namba
area. One of the famous internet cafe in Osaka is Media Cafe Popeye 24.

PS3 Devil May Cry 5

いつカプコンからデビルメイクライ5がリリースされるのでしょうか? デビルメイクライ4からまで1年足らず、でも海外のサイトではデビルメイクライ5の内容がうわさされています。この点、カプコンは何も発表していませんし、メインキャラがダンテになるのか

When can we expect new release of Play Station 3 video game, DMC5, Devil May Cry 5 ? It has not yet only 1 year from the release of DMC4. Capcom has never disclosed any information on Devil May Cry5. Even we do not know who will be the
main character of the new game, Dante ? or Nero ? Hope to disclose the secret of Nero ! There are several rumors in overseas site about DMC5. One information I read on the article of Japanese
game magazine, DENPRA said new Devil May Cry will be released for PSP. But yet, we are not sure of it.

Hellsing Alucard's gun 454 Casull 

Alucard's gun, 454 Casull from Japanese animation, HELLSING. HELLSING was issued from Shonen Gaho Japanese Comics. 454 handgun, the Hellsing ARMS454 Casull was the first handgun created by
Walter for Alucard in his battles against vampires. Shells are made out of blessed silver. This Casull is non working / cosplay replica model fm Poseidon, Dainihon Giken.


May 1, 2009

Hellsing Jackal

Jacak is the gun from Japanese populor anime, Helling. Jackal is used by Alucard in HELLSING. HELLSING is works of Kota Hirano.
The garage kit of Jackal, Helling has two types. One is Jacal which need to be built with Tokyo Marui 92F Militay airsoft.
The other is non working / cosplay model. Alucard has one more gun, called 454 casull.


平野耕太原作の人気アニメ「ヘルシング」からアーカードの銃、ジャッカルです。 大日本技研製のこの銃はガレージキットで東京マルイのガスガン

Devil May Cry Ebony & Ivory Customs Airsoft

This is Ivory customs airsoft which are originated in Playstation Game, Devil May Cry. This is one of Ebony & Ivory. We have ebony and ivory from Dainihon Geiken (Poseidon)
garage kits for Devil May Cry These are non working and display model. You need to build and paint for them. This customs airsoft of Devil May Cry, evony & ivory are different. Based on Tokyo Marui airsoft, made customs by stainless. The size is a bit biggerthan original setting of Dante's Gun in Devil May Cry.

今回紹介するのは東京マルイのエアソフトガンをベースにカスタマイズされたアイボリーです。 デビルメイクライのダンテの銃の設定より少し大きめサイズで、ステンレス使用です。かなり重厚観もあり、デビルメイクライのダンテファンなら是非とも欲しくなるエアガンです。

Apr 28, 2009

Otaku - new culture in Japan

Otaku used to be negative word. If you are said as Oktaku, it was something you are looked down. You are not outspoken person not active type. Oktaku seeks for very minor sub-culture such as anime and comics.
But when those anime and comics became major culture in Japan from sub-culture, Otaku is no longer
word of negative term. Now Maid Caf? is also well known.
If you are Otaku in some area, you are very good at some special skill.
This trend is strengthen by having new Prime Minister in Japan, Mr. Taro Also who is self claimed Okaku.


Moe - term in AKIBA

Moe is the very special word. It originally means sprout or bud. But when it is said by Otaku in AKIBA,
it has special meaning. It may show something about excitement when they see cool animation character
and girl figure. It is typical OKTAKU terminology.

A : Look at the Harui's Figure.
B : MOE........
A : What do you mean by that ?
B : I am very happy and excited about it. I really want it.

萌え この言葉は東京の秋葉原からの発祥の言葉。 美少女アニメのキャラクターやアイドルを見て高揚感を

Akihabara vs. Nipponbashi

Akihabara, Tokyo and Nipponbashi, Osaka are two major OTAKAKU town in Japan.
These are originally and still electrical towns. However recently these became the summit of Otaku goods. Instead of E goods such as PC and TV, the items such as toy, figure, anime DVD / book, Doujinshi got more attention from its visitors. Akihabara is bigger than Nipponbashi. But price in Nipponbashi seems more attractive as people in Osaka are more demanding on low price. You can enjoy talking with shop owners for discount in Nipponbashi in Osaka.


Apr 25, 2009

Devil May Cry - Dante's Gun - Ebony & Ivory

These are Dante's Guns , Ebony & Ivory from Play Staion charactor.
Dante uses several guns but ebony and ivoy are the best items
he used.
Dainihon Giken released ebony & ivory garage kits. These are not
working model. These are just display / cosplay items which you
need to build and paint to finish these garage kits.
The items sold out.

デビル メイ クライに登場するダンテの銃です。エボニーアンドアイボリー。
大日本技研のガレージキットです。 デビル・メイ・クライの武器の設定よりは
少し大きいかもしれません。 写真のデビル メイ クライのダンテの銃は

Apr 24, 2009

Samurai Edge Wesker’s Model / Resident Evil

This is customs airsoft for resident evil 5 / biohazard 5.
Albert Wesker Model Customs Airsoft.
No No, this is not sold in the market. Customs Model base on
Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge standard.


Samurai Edge KENDO Model / Resident Evil

This is customs airsoft for resident evil / biohazard
Kendo Model Customs Airsoft
This is found at Yahoo Japan auction recently.
This is based on Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge STD version.

This is airsfot gun based on Tokyo Marui , Samurai Edge.
This is based on PS3 and Xbox Video Game called Reside Evil by
Capcom. This weapon is used by Kendo.

Apr 23, 2009

Biohazard (Resident Evil) and Uniqlo T Shirt


This is T Shirt by Camcon (biohazard) and Uniqlo claboration.

resident evil is one of major video game in Japan started fm Sony Playstaion 1996.

Apr 22, 2009

Desert Eagle .05AE Biohazard 2

Yahooオークションでの出品です。東京マルイ デザートイーグル.05AE Model 絶版品ですが、Yahooオークションにはちょくちょく見受けられます。

This is from Yahoo Japan Auction. Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .05AE Model
This is rate item. Still available at Yahoo Japan Auction. eBay also lists it time to time.
This is residet evile / biohazard Capcom Sony Play Staion / X-Box Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Sold Out

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 6 inch Resident Evil

Tanaka Works

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 6 inch used in resident evil, Play Station Game by Capcom

Sold Out

Market Price USD 200 - Usd 300

Sony プレイステーション、X-BOXのゲームソフトバイオハザードで使用される武器、アンブレラ マグナムリボルバーです。

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 8 inch Limited Version Resident Evil

Tanaka Works

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 8 inch Limited Version fm residet evil by Campcom

Sold Out

Market Price USD 250 - Usd 400


This is from Residet Evil 0 Magnum Revolver. 44
Sony プレイステーション、X-BOXのゲームソフトバイオハザードで使用される武器、アンブレラ マグナムリボルバーです。
エアソフトガン 限定品

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Resident Evil

This is limited version of Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model. The gun is used in residet evil, PS3 famous video game by Capcom.
Samurai Edge
Barry Burton Model
Sold Out
Price : USD 350 - USD 500


Sony プレイステーション、X-BOXのゲームソフトバイオハザードで使用される武器、サムライエッジ バリーバートンモデルです。エアソフトガン、ガスブローバックを採用しいます。

Samurai Edge Standard Model Resident Evil

This is Tokyo Marui airsoft gun, Samurai Edge Standard Model. The gun is used in Playstaion Video Game called Resident Evil.
Tokyo Marui
Samurai Edge
Standard Model
On Sales
Price USD 175

名作ゲーム「バイオハザード・シリーズ」 S.T.A.R.S.隊員が使用する『サムライエッジ・スタンダードモデル』が登場! ●サムライエッジのトレードマークである、  ブリガディアタイプ・スライド、シルバーのアウターバレルを採用! ●制式採用モデルの証である「SAMURAI EDGE」の刻印入り。