Apr 28, 2009

Otaku - new culture in Japan

Otaku used to be negative word. If you are said as Oktaku, it was something you are looked down. You are not outspoken person not active type. Oktaku seeks for very minor sub-culture such as anime and comics.
But when those anime and comics became major culture in Japan from sub-culture, Otaku is no longer
word of negative term. Now Maid Caf? is also well known.
If you are Otaku in some area, you are very good at some special skill.
This trend is strengthen by having new Prime Minister in Japan, Mr. Taro Also who is self claimed Okaku.


Moe - term in AKIBA

Moe is the very special word. It originally means sprout or bud. But when it is said by Otaku in AKIBA,
it has special meaning. It may show something about excitement when they see cool animation character
and girl figure. It is typical OKTAKU terminology.

A : Look at the Harui's Figure.
B : MOE........
A : What do you mean by that ?
B : I am very happy and excited about it. I really want it.

萌え この言葉は東京の秋葉原からの発祥の言葉。 美少女アニメのキャラクターやアイドルを見て高揚感を

Akihabara vs. Nipponbashi

Akihabara, Tokyo and Nipponbashi, Osaka are two major OTAKAKU town in Japan.
These are originally and still electrical towns. However recently these became the summit of Otaku goods. Instead of E goods such as PC and TV, the items such as toy, figure, anime DVD / book, Doujinshi got more attention from its visitors. Akihabara is bigger than Nipponbashi. But price in Nipponbashi seems more attractive as people in Osaka are more demanding on low price. You can enjoy talking with shop owners for discount in Nipponbashi in Osaka.


Apr 25, 2009

Devil May Cry - Dante's Gun - Ebony & Ivory

These are Dante's Guns , Ebony & Ivory from Play Staion charactor.
Dante uses several guns but ebony and ivoy are the best items
he used.
Dainihon Giken released ebony & ivory garage kits. These are not
working model. These are just display / cosplay items which you
need to build and paint to finish these garage kits.
The items sold out.

デビル メイ クライに登場するダンテの銃です。エボニーアンドアイボリー。
大日本技研のガレージキットです。 デビル・メイ・クライの武器の設定よりは
少し大きいかもしれません。 写真のデビル メイ クライのダンテの銃は

Apr 24, 2009

Samurai Edge Wesker’s Model / Resident Evil

This is customs airsoft for resident evil 5 / biohazard 5.
Albert Wesker Model Customs Airsoft.
No No, this is not sold in the market. Customs Model base on
Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge standard.


Samurai Edge KENDO Model / Resident Evil

This is customs airsoft for resident evil / biohazard
Kendo Model Customs Airsoft
This is found at Yahoo Japan auction recently.
This is based on Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge STD version.

This is airsfot gun based on Tokyo Marui , Samurai Edge.
This is based on PS3 and Xbox Video Game called Reside Evil by
Capcom. This weapon is used by Kendo.

Apr 23, 2009

Biohazard (Resident Evil) and Uniqlo T Shirt


This is T Shirt by Camcon (biohazard) and Uniqlo claboration.

resident evil is one of major video game in Japan started fm Sony Playstaion 1996.

Apr 22, 2009

Desert Eagle .05AE Biohazard 2

Yahooオークションでの出品です。東京マルイ デザートイーグル.05AE Model 絶版品ですが、Yahooオークションにはちょくちょく見受けられます。

This is from Yahoo Japan Auction. Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .05AE Model
This is rate item. Still available at Yahoo Japan Auction. eBay also lists it time to time.
This is residet evile / biohazard Capcom Sony Play Staion / X-Box Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Sold Out

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 6 inch Resident Evil

Tanaka Works

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 6 inch used in resident evil, Play Station Game by Capcom

Sold Out

Market Price USD 200 - Usd 300

Sony プレイステーション、X-BOXのゲームソフトバイオハザードで使用される武器、アンブレラ マグナムリボルバーです。

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 8 inch Limited Version Resident Evil

Tanaka Works

Umbrella Magnum Revolver 8 inch Limited Version fm residet evil by Campcom

Sold Out

Market Price USD 250 - Usd 400


This is from Residet Evil 0 Magnum Revolver. 44
Sony プレイステーション、X-BOXのゲームソフトバイオハザードで使用される武器、アンブレラ マグナムリボルバーです。
エアソフトガン 限定品

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Resident Evil

This is limited version of Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model. The gun is used in residet evil, PS3 famous video game by Capcom.
Samurai Edge
Barry Burton Model
Sold Out
Price : USD 350 - USD 500


Sony プレイステーション、X-BOXのゲームソフトバイオハザードで使用される武器、サムライエッジ バリーバートンモデルです。エアソフトガン、ガスブローバックを採用しいます。

Samurai Edge Standard Model Resident Evil

This is Tokyo Marui airsoft gun, Samurai Edge Standard Model. The gun is used in Playstaion Video Game called Resident Evil.
Tokyo Marui
Samurai Edge
Standard Model
On Sales
Price USD 175

名作ゲーム「バイオハザード・シリーズ」 S.T.A.R.S.隊員が使用する『サムライエッジ・スタンダードモデル』が登場! ●サムライエッジのトレードマークである、  ブリガディアタイプ・スライド、シルバーのアウターバレルを採用! ●制式採用モデルの証である「SAMURAI EDGE」の刻印入り。