Aug 21, 2009

Samurai Edge Jill Valentine Model - Now available!!

Samurai Edge Jill VAlentine Model which is come from Tokyo Marui x Capcom, Resident Evil 3 Last Escape. 1/1 scal. Air Soft Gun, Gas Blowback type. This is limited edition of Samurai Edge in Year 2000. Sold out in the market/. But now available in Bonanzle Booth bellow. Pls check out.

Aug 18, 2009

ITHACA M37 Police Shutgun , Residet Evil 5

This is KTW ITHACA Model 37 which is used in Residet Evil 5. Police Shutgun.
Now available at my Bonanzle Booth. This is products from KTW. Please check bellow url for details. IthacaM37

Samurai Edge Chris Refield Model - Resident Evil3 in Bonanzle booth

Thre are several types of Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge. 1) Standard Model, 2) Jill Valentine Model 3) Burry Burton Model and 4) Chris Redfield Model. All models are now sold out in the market. Chris Model is very rare, it seldom see it even in auctions in Japan. This airsoft gun is well made by collaboration between Tokyo Marui and Capcm. Pls check my Bonanzle booth , Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Chris Redfile Model is now on sales.


Aug 3, 2009

Resident Evil 4 AGENT ASSAULT LEG BAG Now on Sale

This is Holster shape Leg Bag worn by Leon from Resident Evil (biohazard) Capcom PS game.This is collaboration items bw Capcom and Fanthom. This is very rare. Do not miss this chance. SIZE:36.8"×9.8"×2.3" NOw available bellow bonanzle booth.assult_leg_bag