May 17, 2009

English School in Japan

There is a lot of Private English Conversation Scholl in Japan. NOVA was the biggest school in Japan. Now It was bankrupted due to poor management. Still there is several English School. Most of them employ so called Native English Speakers such as American, British and Australian. However when I went to English School, my teacher was French. I was a bit surprised to hear it and a bit puzzled at his different accent.
School fee is very expensive but salary of those English teachers are paid as part time worker.
If you become full time, your salary will increase. But at the same time, you are required to do some other jobs such as managing other English teacher. There are some English School who has Japanese. but Japanese teach different part such as Grammar and reading.

Ranking of English Conversation School

1) ECC
5) Berliz

Above are big English Conversation School which teach not only English but also other foreign language
such as French, German and Chinese.
English teacher will be evaluated not only its skill of teaching but popularity among the students.
But most of the school, private contact with students is prohibited. If you date with student, you will
be fired.
From student points of veiw, you can not master Englsih just because you are laerned form Naitive Englsih
Teacher. The issue is how long you can study by yourselft. But if you find good school and get high motivation
on Englsih Stdy, it is quite effective for your Englsih Learning.