May 24, 2009

Replica Model Prop.

You may dream to get the weapon which is used in movie film and animation. You want the gun of Resident Evil or Devil May Cry.
You like to be a hero like Vash the Stampede with Vash's Gun or Alucard with Jackal from Hellsing.Replica Models are very popular. There are several types who own replica model prop, character guns. One is for cosplay purpose.
Cosplayers do not care its functions but how it look like ? Second is survival game users who use those air soft guns and gas guns in real survival game. They are very much concerned about its function. The last type is for collection purpose.
They get them in the packages and rarely open them. Collectors need to get them at several auction sites. If you search it in Yahoo Japan Auction, you may find a lot of air soft guns related to resident evil (Biohazard in Japan). At eBay, air soft collection is limited, as eBay policy air soft listing is restricted only from USA. So sellers from outside USA are not able to sell those air soft guns even if there isno problem on customs. But there are lots of replica model related to films, TV and anime are available.

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