May 13, 2009

COS-DAY Cosplay Event in Tokyo

COS-DAY will be held in Tokyo Big Sight, which is cosplay event in Tokyo. Next cosplay event will be expected in June 21 (Sunday)
Entrace Fee of the cosplay event is Yen 900. Cosplay attendance is Yen 500. The picture will be taken for your cosplay
Yen 500.This is cosplay for all category, such as anime, comics, video game, Japan animation, and US films.
Tokyo Big Sight is one of the largest Event Hall in Tokyo. You know Comic Festival is most exciting festival for anime OTAKU
in Japan.

Tokyo Big Sight
June Cosplay Special 2009

COS-DAY in 東京ビックサイトの案内です。6月にも東京ビッグサイトでコスプレイベントがあります。全国のコスプレイヤー集まれ!東京ビッグサイトと言えばコミケ?で有名ですよね。アニメオタクの聖地ですね。