May 17, 2009

Enoby & Ivory , Dante's Gun form Devil May Cry

If you are looking for cosplay items of Dante form Devil May Cry, you should find
ebony and ivory, Dante's Guns. They are so powerful and cool in the vedeo game.
If you like to be THE DANTE, then ebony and ivory is the MUST items.
These are very cool items for all cosplayers but also for all funs of DMC.
Now I would like to introduce 2 kinds of ebony and ivory which are available on sales.

NO. 1 Posedion (Dainihon Giken) garage kits.

This is Ivory customs airsoft which are originated in Playstation Game, Devil May Cry. This is one of Ebony & Ivory.
We have ebony and ivory from Dainihon Geiken (Poseidon) garage kits for Devil May Cry These are non working and display model.
You need to build and paint for them. These are authorized model by Copcom. But not accepted to sales overeas.
This means , offical garate kits are sold only in Japan.

No. 2 Tokyo Marui Customs Airsoft Gun

This customs airsoft of Devil May Cry, evony & ivory are different. Based on Tokyo Marui airsoft,
made customs by stainless. The size is a bit biggerthan original setting of Dante's Gun in Devil May Cry.
Thase are gasblowback system of airsoft gun. so you can shoot BB bullets. These are sold at Yahoo auciton time to time.
So if you are lucky, you may get this customs airsoft which you can use you survival game.
The problem is its price so high. it costs more than 1000 usd for each. This means if you have both ebony and ivory,
it costs approx. 2000 usd. It is a bit too much for cosplayers of Devil May Cry. But if you are deep fun
of DMC, it may be worthwhile.

There are other items of Devil May Cry cosplay items such as wig of Dante, Dante coats and Nero's sword. But no other
items better than ebony and ivory.

Devil May Cry is Capcom's vedeo game soft for Play Station / Xbox. Now Devil May Cry 5 will be expected to released from