May 8, 2009

PS3 Devil May Cry 5

いつカプコンからデビルメイクライ5がリリースされるのでしょうか? デビルメイクライ4からまで1年足らず、でも海外のサイトではデビルメイクライ5の内容がうわさされています。この点、カプコンは何も発表していませんし、メインキャラがダンテになるのか

When can we expect new release of Play Station 3 video game, DMC5, Devil May Cry 5 ? It has not yet only 1 year from the release of DMC4. Capcom has never disclosed any information on Devil May Cry5. Even we do not know who will be the
main character of the new game, Dante ? or Nero ? Hope to disclose the secret of Nero ! There are several rumors in overseas site about DMC5. One information I read on the article of Japanese
game magazine, DENPRA said new Devil May Cry will be released for PSP. But yet, we are not sure of it.