May 8, 2009

GET Japan Citizenship  

私の周りに何人かの知人が日本国籍を取得(帰化)しました。 以前よりかは若干日本国籍を取る基準は低くなっているのでしょうか? ひとりは一番簡単?な国際結婚のパターンでした。
日本国籍をとりました。日本には約7年住んでいました。 国際結婚ならいざしらず、シングルで日本国籍をとるには身元を保証する人がいるかとか、いろいろと問題が
あるようです。 よく卓球の選手が日本国籍を取って日本人として国際試合にでるケースも見受けられます。 でも日本名に変えないといけない等障害もありますね。

There are a couple of cases who get Japanese Citizenship around me. Are there still high criteria to be Japanese? One case is most easy case,
International Marriage. Her husband had worked Japanese firm and was sent to Shanghais Office and met with her in China. They had marriage and she got
citizenship in Japan. The other case is that a Chinese woman who had come to Japan for study and employed by Japanese firm. She changed her job to
Germany company in Japan and got Japanese Nationality. The Japanese Government provides several temporary and permanent migration options
for those who are seeking for life in Japan. There are several visas having own qualifying criteria and application requirements.
So it is still difficult to get citizenship in Japan for single working people. I know some table tennis players who get Japanese Nationality and
play in international events as Japanese. The need to change to Japanese Name is one of the obstacle.