May 1, 2009

Devil May Cry Ebony & Ivory Customs Airsoft

This is Ivory customs airsoft which are originated in Playstation Game, Devil May Cry. This is one of Ebony & Ivory. We have ebony and ivory from Dainihon Geiken (Poseidon)
garage kits for Devil May Cry These are non working and display model. You need to build and paint for them. This customs airsoft of Devil May Cry, evony & ivory are different. Based on Tokyo Marui airsoft, made customs by stainless. The size is a bit biggerthan original setting of Dante's Gun in Devil May Cry.

今回紹介するのは東京マルイのエアソフトガンをベースにカスタマイズされたアイボリーです。 デビルメイクライのダンテの銃の設定より少し大きめサイズで、ステンレス使用です。かなり重厚観もあり、デビルメイクライのダンテファンなら是非とも欲しくなるエアガンです。